The Career Path of a Six Sigma Black Belt

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What opportunities does having a Sig Sigma Black Belt (SSBB) on your resume afford you? It certainly can improve your chances while hunting for jobs and can also land you a higher salary with further opportunities for promotion to follow. Here’s a look at a few career paths your SSBB training can help take you down.

Careers – Six Sigma Black Belt

Six Sigma initiatives are focused on improving results, leadership, and management skills, all sought-after by many corporations. Having these skills can open up many doors and help advance your career.

So what are some of the career paths available to those holding a Six Sigma Black Belt certification?

Consulting Careers

  • Operations Director – Prerequisites like a background in engineering will be required to land this role. Your SSBB training will allow you to manage and motivate your team while implementing process changes and monitoring production improvement.
  • Six Sigma Process Consultant – To earn yourself this title, you’ll need several years of experience with process management and previous consulting experience won’t hurt.  You’ll be earning your dollars by performing impact analyses, monitoring changes to business processes, overseeing engagements with customers, and creating improvement strategies.

Management Careers

  • Quality Assurance Manager – You’ll need experience in Quality Management Systems in addition to senior management experience for this position. The role requires Six Sigma Black Belt (or at a minimum, a Green Belt) certification.  The duties will include monitoring effectiveness of performance indicators and development and coordination of performance systems between customers and your business. A knowledge of Kaizen practices wouldn’t hurt, because you’ll also be responsible for implementing Measure Performance and Continuous Improvement processes.
  • Senior Project Manager – Six Sigma Black Belt certification comes in handy for this position, as does a background in engineering and management experience.  Once you’ve got this title in the bag, you’ll be spending your days handling risk management plans, managing resources, and leading your crew to success.

Engineering Careers

  • Manufacturing Engineer – Manufacturing engineers develop and optimize the processes used to design, build, and ship products. Six Sigma Green Belts in this role use their knowledge of lean methodology to troubleshoot problems and continuously improve the manufacturing process.
  • Quality Engineer – Quality engineers are responsible for ensuring that a company’s products meet customer standards. Professionals in this role are typically involved with day-to-day operations as well as long-term improvement planning.

The fields in which the tools one learns as a Six Sigma Black Belt can be applied is limited only by your imagination. reports holders of the SSBB certification earn an average of $96,637 per year. Not too shabby.

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