Best Online Collaboration Tools For Your Remote Workforce

Othniel Edwards | Best Online Collaboration Tools For Your Remote Workforce
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Company Workforces are Changing

Companies are making a shift towards a remote workforce. They understand the value of it. Research shows remote employees tend to be happier, more productive and engaged, and are a cost-effective method of staffing.

People have a variety of working and communication styles. It’s vital to recruit team members who are tech-savvy, are comfortable working independently and have strong communications skills.  There are a wide range of tools available to make online collaboration work well for the varying contributors on your team.

Best Team Communication App

Slack is our pick for best team communication app.

Why we love Slack

  • functionality
  • integration
  • popularity

About Slack

Few communication apps have caught fire quite like slack has.  It is one of the most popular tools utilized by remote teams.

Slack will help you create a virtual office where employees can get instant feedback and connect with colleagues in groups as well as in a one-on-one setting.

Don’t confuse Slack for just another online messaging platform.  Integration is the reason Slack is in a class all its own.  It allows you to centralize all your notifications, from social media to tech support to sales to notifications about your web page visitor numbers, allowing your remote team a complete overview of the entire process of your company.

Other Good Team Communication Apps

Best Video Conferencing App

Zoom is our choice for the best video conferencing app.

Why we love Zoom

  • consistent
  • reliability
  • popularity

About Zoom

They’ve seen a growth increase of 2233 percent in three years as they soared from 30,000 users in 2014 to over 700,000 users in 2017.

Problems facing video conferencing tools in the past included things like the sound going out completely or the video freezing.  Zoom boasts impressive reliability virtually eliminating technical glitches that plagued other video conferencing tools in the past, and that explains their rapid increase in popularity.

It doesn’t hurt that it has fun features like the gallery view where you can view the whole team at once in individual tiles Brady Bunch style.

Other Good Video Conferencing Apps

Best Design Collaboration App

InVision is our favorite design collaboration app.

Why we love InVision

  • specifically made for designers
  • comprehensive suite of design software
  • easy prototyping

About InVision

InVision acts as a whiteboard that allows you to plan, design, and engage in feedback with remote team members.  It is one of the best prototyping tools available because InVision was created specifically for designers.

Other Good Design Collaboration Apps

Best Software Development Tool

GitHub is our choice for the best software development tool.

Why we love GitHub

  • collaboration features
  • integration options

About GitHub

Developers and designers are certainly different breeds, but they have to work together to produce digital products. GitHub is perfect for remote team collaboration work on software development.

GitHub was also recently purchased by Microsoft.

Other Good Software Development Tools

Best Project Management App

Trello is our selection for the best project management software.

Why we love Trello

  • simplicity
  • style
  • performance
  • flexibility

About Trello

It is task management app that uses the Kanban system, developed by Toyota to keep production levels high.  Plus it’s fun to move around the cards.

Other Good Project Management Software

Use the Tools!

This is by no means an exhaustive list. It is merely a brief overview of some of the options available to help your business achieve success with a remote workforce.

Do your research, and take advantage of the vast resources available for your remote workers to get the most out of their online collaborations. Watch how your business will prosper with a 24/7 production cycle and a staff filled with successful and productive remote employees because you were smart enough to give your remote team members the tools they needed to succeed.

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